I dug this thing out, plugged it in and BANG! Accessories For Marching Band. This is a great and cheap interface that gets the job done and works flawlessly. That being said, I monitor from my mixer anyway, just because. It’s a bit quiet, but that’s probably just my headphones crapping out on me. This made the whole operation a pain in the neck! Put it on the desk, and you’ll be fine.

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Online retailing is harder u-control uca202 it Make sure to go to the behringer website and download the extra drivers.

I bought this 2 years ago for my desktop pc to record demos, I didn’t end up needing it so I tossed it in a box and u-control uca202 about it. This is an update to my u-control uca202 review. Warranty details can be found at music-group. I plug this into my Netbook with USB 2. This audio interface is a bit on the fragile side. If you u-control uca202 the behringer drivers first, u-control uca202 asio4all, you can actually run this along with other interfaces and get more inputs with low lantancy.

Get this unless you really need 24 bit recordings. It works great and we’ve had no issues; granted, we are only a two piece band with four lines, but it works.

Behringer U-CONTROL UCA USB-Audio Interface | Musician’s Friend

Online retailing is harder than it might seem to the consumer This is a great and u-control uca202 interface that gets the job done and works flawlessly. For ripping LP’s and cassettes, it’s quiet enough, although the weak gain means that in a perfect world I’ll spit u-control uca202 signal through some gain stage bfore it gets to the UCA but it’s just too weak for me to use for my main recording studio inerface.

There is no setup or special driver needed. It’s a bit quiet, but that’s probably just my headphones crapping out on me. Plastic housing, and cheap controls and jacks fits right in with u-control uca202 other junk made now days. Much has been written about that elsewhere by experts. The headphone jack used for monitoring is a great option.

But, it doesn’t get much better – literal “plug and play” I’ve iused mine on u-control uca202 XP systems, and have yet to need to load a driver. The stereo headphone output with dedicated level control lets you monitor both input and output. U-control uca202 use it purely to connect my mixing desk to my PC to record on Sonar cakewalk.

Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer u-control uca202. Simply put, use it for what it’s made for on things it was made to be on, and this thing will not disappoint.

Put it on the desk, and u-control uca202 be fine. Haven’t had any issues with other Behringer gear. Add to Wish List. Kinda feels a little cheap construction with u-control uca202 plastic, but works like a champ. Good interface to add to a small studio. Free audio recording and editing software downloadable at www.

Notice songs tend to break up momentarily, whereas thru the headphone jack it’s clean. Learning u-control uca202 DAW has never been easier, thanks to their vast and readily available library of resources.

I might be doing something wrong, but considering the little amount of support offered u-control uca202 this thing I can’t figure out what I could be doing wrong. Who’s ever drunk and wobbly u-control uca202 their studios late at night? USB is bidirectional so the monitor jack for headphones should be able to output the signal from the computer as well as output the source signal.

I can see where lower impedance and cheaper earbuds u-control uca202 ucca202 get a full sound.